Wellness Blood Panel + General Medicine Screening

The Atlas Healthcare team understands that for some of our clients requiring an immigration medical exam have not seen a doctor in years. We also know that medical visits and laboratory studies can be expensive and inconvenient. 



This is why we offer laboratory wellness panel, in addition to your required medical exam labs that can be obtained at the time of your appointment.   


The Wellness Panel screens for: 

diabetes, cholesterol, anemia, thyroid, liver, kidney function and more.   


Dr. Wingo can also order additional labs if you have a specific requests. ( There will be an additional fee for any additional labs requested)   


We will schedule a 15-minute follow up telehealth-consult with Dr.Wingo to discuss your results and recommendations for next steps.  



 For a fee of $150, Dr. Wingo will perform an in-depth health and medical history, order your labs as well as offer a 15-minute follow up consult.